The EZ Valve System

Valve installations of the past were known for being an all-day time-consuming problematic process. But now with the new EZ-Valve technology, valve installation has never been easier. When using the EZ Valve System, there is NO tapping machine required, NO coupon to drop, no heavy equipment to transport and move around the jobsit or operate and only a 2″ temporary valve which only weighs apx.5 pounds!

The EZ Valve is, by far, less expensive than ANY other insertion valve! The EZ valve can be installed in less than one hour, making the EZ Valve System the fastest, most economical, easiest to operate and most reliable permanaent valve insertion system in the world!

The EZ Valve System installs around the existing main, where it mills a small 1.625” slot 120 degrees across the top of the main. This ensures the integrity of teh pipe, and provides rigid support for the valve gate. Not only that, it is still less expensive than normal conventional valve installations! Look at our photos for details.