Thermoform PVC Liner Systems

Thermoform PVC Liner ( formerly called Dyna Liner ) is a custom PVC compound that was developed specifically for use in sewer & storm sewer rehabilitation. Thermoform is manufactured in the same manor as pvc pipe, but while it is still hot it is folded into either a C or H shape then wrapped onto a coil with the length determined by the customers order. Thermoform is manufactured in Alabama and is made in sizes ranging from 4″ to 36″ with a standard wall thickness equivalent to schedule 40 pvc pipe. Heavier wall thicknesses are available and can be manufactured per the customers request.

Guyer Brothers is proud to offer Thermoform PVC Liner as an alternative to open trench installation, we feel that it is a superior product and option compared to other products on the market. Thermoform is installed by using steam to heat the pipe to make it flexible then pulling it through the host pipe. Once through the host pipe we will heat the pipe up again with steam, once up to temperature we will use .5 to 2.5lbs of air pressure to inflate the liner to the host pipe. Unlike competitors Thermoform only uses steam and air pressure to process and does not require any harsh chemicals to process.

Examples of Thermoform PVC Liners


Portage/ Little Conemaugh Stream Rehab
Lined 700′ of 18″ RCP Sewer Line.
Contact: Kyle Fritz with EADS Group 724-989-6681

Hollidaysburg School Sewer Rehab
Lined 700′ of 10″ and 200′ of 8″ Sewer Line.
Contact: Aaron Kearn with EADS Group 814-944-5035

Smithfield Township South Crooked Creek Sewer Rehab
Lined 2600′ of 8″ Sewer Line.
Contact: Jason Fralic with Herbert,
Rowland & Grubic 814-238-7117